Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life In The Bloglane

In light of some recent negative blogdom, I had promised not to blog ever again. It turns out that this forum is useful and informative and as such comes with great responsibility...I've been asked NOT to cease blogging by some folks...so I think the focus of this blog will be what it has become...about this journey with Mastocytosis/Mast Cell Disease.

So here we go....

I'm wondering if anyone else with Masto./Mast Cell Disease experiences the following: getting really cold (even if the heat is on), hand shaking or blue nails/fingertips...not necessarily all at the same time. Another Masto. person and I were talking about this today. Turns out neither one of us are sure if it's Masto. related or something else. We've both had our thyroid's checked and they are fine. So...IF you experience, or have ever experienced this, perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing through the COMMENTS button? Thank you.

I'm having to moderate the comments only because this blog was being inundated by ads for penis enlargement products and the like, and apparently moderating comments ceases said such ads. Not even blogdom is safe from spamming.

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Faith Berry said...

Love your blog. Please, please, please don't stop blogging!!!!! There must be a few topics beyond Masto that are safe :)

Isn't the blue fingertip deal Raynaud's Phenomenon?

There's a lot of debate these days about what is really normal thyroid.

Here's a link from Mayo Clinic about subclinical thyroid and the debate about changing the 'normal' parameters for TSH from like 5 or 6 to 3.


Many doctors have been treating Fibro patients for thyroid issues even when their test values are normal and it helps many of them. There's a good explanation of this in Jacob Teitelbaum's From Fatigue to Fantastic and why thyroid values are different in people with fibro and CFS (has something to do with hypothalamus dysregulation).

I'm not saying that your thyroid is the problem, just that what appears normal may not rule out a thyroid problem. My thyroid values float back and forth over the normal line all the time these days. I think this is due to a sluggish liver or maybe an overwhelmed liver.

I am definitely cold all the time and can't wait to get into the sun in a few weeks. I decided I needed to go to a warm place for the winter.

Let us know what you find out about the blue fingertips.

Stay warm!