Monday, October 22, 2012


Love is a funny thing.

It can lead you down a path that might not be healthy for you.
It can lead you to your soul mate.
It can lead you back to your Self.

But you have to be real about it.

If what you have in front of you is GOOD...Be there. With her. And love her. Don't wish to be elsewhere.

BE Present.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Long Time No See...or as the Japanese say "O Hisashiburi"

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a LOOOOONG time. I have been in the murky muds of depression me thinks. So many anaphylactic reactions (1 a week or so, or more...), recovering, feeling isolated, and continuing to try and figure out WHO I am now.

I've started writing a collection of poetry, tentatively called "Finding Abraham's Daughter" you can perhaps imagine, it is what it sounds like - an exploration of the Jewishness that perhaps has always been inherent in me? If that makes any sense...And I mean I've STARTED. I've just written a few things. But I have been able to see a vision for this as a COLLECTION, so that's why I'm holding to it as such. One must have goals.

It's time for me to return to the land of the LIVING. I haven't read much of anything; listened to much of anything; seen much of anything; made much of anything; engaged in much of anything. I've been sitting and sleeping on this same spot on this couch for months now and it's not getting me ANYWHERE, is it?

It's a sad, sad state of affairs if ALL you've done in a day is have Facebook open on your desktop.

So...I've ventured out of my shell I am...

I hope you've all been as well as you can be. Please, drop me a comment, let me know how you've been. And if you blog, I'll be catching up on what you've written...