Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DOA - Diamine Oxidase and Degrading Histamine

I had some genetic testing done because I have a Mast Cell Disease (Systemic Mastocytosis) that gives me SEVERE "allergic" reactions to just about everything. But get this...I'm NOT ACTUALLY allergic to all this stuff. I've been tested for just about everything under the sun. I'm ACTUALLY allergic to a couple of things but not many.
I've been living on a low histamine diet because my Immunologist and I noticed I was reacting to LOADS of high histamine containing foods. Now, one day I can eat spinach and be fine; and another day I eat spinach and I need an epi pen and medical intervention. What gives??
So, I've learned that on a SPECIFIC GENE, on a SPECIFIC allele you can tell whether you are one of those people who have this marker for low DAO (diamine oxidase) one of the enzymes responsible for degrading histamine. So I went to my test results and had a look...guess what? I am.
So is THIS why I REALLY having "allergic reactions" to foods??? And does it have NOTHING to do with my Mast Cells having a dumping party in my blood stream? Or is it both?
And what do I do about it?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Design's Give Away!!

Check out this AMAZING giveaway on SIMPLE DESIGN's site:


Who in their right mind wouldn't LOVE to win an EPIPHANIE bag???? Especially THAT one. The camera bag...oooh, a girl, or guy, could carry their whole life around in that. And those of you that know me, KNOW, my life needs a big bag. Camera's, computers, emergency medical kits, n'all....

Good luck to everyone. Give aways are so fun!! :) And check out Simple Design's site....seriously awesome.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Novermber blahs?

Last night I really realized what a prisoner I am in this body. I was unable to sit up or stand up without losing consciousness. I was hived up and flushing. It felt like there was a bear on my chest. This gives me an odd fluttery sensation in my chest at the same time that is disconcerting. It forces me to stay on the couch when all I want to do it get up and DO things.

Winter is here. It's cold. My winter coat is tighter that it was last year. I need to do something about that.

I wrote some of my book today. That was good. But isn't exactly a good cardio workout...know what I mean?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've left Facebook. The withdrawal pangs I felt all day yesterday were immeasurably strong...like someone needing a 'fix'. Who knew that social media could feed such fervour in a person? I've gotten over the 24 hour stretch and am feeling fine. My life hasn't fallen in around me in any great way. I've given my private email to a few hand picked individuals that I truly care about sharing correspondence with, some already have my private email or phone number, and the rest...well...

Let's see if I remember what life was like before I spent most of my reclusive life watching people's statuses change, changing mine or posting inspirational images or sayings....I have a book and a collection of poetry to write. Best get cracking.

Photocredit & Copyright: Fiona Smith 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Love is a funny thing.

It can lead you down a path that might not be healthy for you.
It can lead you to your soul mate.
It can lead you back to your Self.

But you have to be real about it.

If what you have in front of you is GOOD...Be there. With her. And love her. Don't wish to be elsewhere.

BE Present.