Thursday, February 2, 2012


So, last week when I wrote that I was afraid to jinx myself but what the heck, I was almost a week anaphylaxis free? Well, lo and behold, I ate something Thursday night (I wrote the blog on Wednesday night) that my body didn't like and whammo, I was in anaphylaxis pretty quickly. I did everything wrong too. I left the room, gagging and ran to the loo. I shut the door (thankfully didn't lock it) and proceeded to vomit into the toilet. Pretty sure the only thing keeping my airway open was my vomit forcing it's way UP the airway. Antony was frantically searching for my epi kit downstairs because it had fallen out of my bag and was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, it was found, he came upstairs to the loo and stabbed me with an epi pen...and then...sigh...everything got better. I stopped gagging and choking on my own mucous (well, the mucous slowed down...), felt like a bear had been lifted off my chest and air could go IN. Oh, it was painful not having air go in.

So, we got through that.

My cold left.

And then we had beef stir fry for dinner again tonight. And again, I threw it up, hived up, flushed up and got short of breath, felt like a bear was sitting on my chest. The dog was going crazy around me. It's made with whole what is in it that I'm reacting to? The ginger? Brown sugar? Soy sauce? Garlic? Any of the veggies? The beef? All I know is, it's bloody painful to wretch it back up, so that's the last time I eat it. It's sooooooooooo delicious and is soooooooooo colourful and 'good' for you. SIGH...

The dog didn't settle down until we'd used an epi pen.  He's become really attuned to what's going on when I'm reacting. He seriously starts pacing, whining, wagging his tail and whining AT us with this sense of urgency and he jumps up at me, paws at me and whines a lot. He KNOWS. At first, we thought he wanted 'out' or food or water or fuss, but once we'd ruled out these basic needs/wants, and it was obvious that it was something else that was bothering him, we let him tell us what was wrong.  He danced around me and paw'd at me and whined.  How does he know that I'm short of breath? Once I've had the epi pen, and am feeling better, he settles right down and cuddles up beside me. Won't leave my side.

Anyway, two epi pens since last Thursday. This has to stop.