Monday, March 24, 2008


I've recently discovered the writings of Eckhart Tolle...and discovered the path I thought I was seeking has already been discovered. Eloquently, too. Oh Pooh.

Each of us create our own stories. We call these our "life".

The lives we create for ourselves are composed of not paragraphs, sentences or comma-splices but of the ideas we've chosen to believe about ourselves or; the ideas others have had about us that we've chosen to believe for ourselves. These ideas float around in our heads and give birth to all of our thoughts. Our emotions are our reactions to those thoughts. Each of us will give birth to multiple narratives in this lifetime. Most of us live lives in reactivity to emotions.

My hope is that the narratives we create are fully conscious ones; that we are aware. I'm not the only person wishing for this, and knowing that a Global consciousness IS possible. And it starts with us, individually.

Consider that our stories/narratives are connected to those stories of others and as such our consciousness is one sense of awareness away from collective and personal freedom. We Are. You Are. I Am. Being.

Woo hoo, I get to CHOOSE my story or stories from hereon in. I no longer need to live 'the Victim Story' or 'the Saviour Story' or 'the Sick Story' or 'the Gypsy Story'...just because I've chosen to believe that fear is my friend, that I need to be needed, or that I need to run from relationships every three years...doesn't mean that it is so, that things are or that I Am. Just because I've come from certain societal, communal, familial or personal beliefs, doesn't mean I have to keep entertaining them as real or definite. Fact or Fiction?

We are the Creators of our own Truths.

"Free your mind, and your ass will follow" are words by the 1970's Funk band, Funkadelic, and the backbone of Mr. Tolle's 'HOW TO ' manuals...the navigation through personal, emotional and spiritual transformation...the awakening of mankind.

More to follow...