Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mastocytosis Society of Canada

It's official!!!! The Mastocytosis Society of Canada is up, running and officially non-profit. If I'm permitted, or it's doable, will post a link on the side for anyone wanting to donate to helping us find a cure for this disease. Watch for our website in the coming months...we will be providing support, information, forums for discussion, Q. & A.'s, and helping you to know that you are not alone with this illness.

We will be instigating some fundraising endeavours for this worthy cause in the near future. IF you have any ideas yourself, please post a comment or email me with your ideas. We need to find a cure. This disease is real; it's debilitating and doesn't go away with positive thinking (despite my personal best efforts.)

There is important work to be done in this regard. Together, we can find a cure. We need to fund research and educate our world about this disease. I can't wait for our website to be up and running. Sharing our information, resources and ways to manage our lives is vital to our well being and for those that love us.

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