Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fundraising Effort for Mastocytosis Society of Canada

We are pleased to announce our kickoff fundraiser for the officially incorporated Mastocytosis Society of Canada.  IF you have magazines to renew, would like to give any magazines as gifts (especially for Christmas) please consider going to this site:

The site is secure. From the purchase of your magazines, funds will go to support research for a cure, education and support for those with Mastocytosis (and its various incarnations) and their families, accurate information and access to forums & discussions which path the road to hope.  Join us.

What is extra cool about getting your magazines here, is that you'll save up to 80% off the cover price.  There are over 800 magazines to choose from.  Incredible selection.

Just click on the link above, and you'll go right to the page.  Thanks.

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