Monday, December 21, 2009

Solstice Arrival

For those of you that missed my Facebook update yesterday, we have a new arrival at The Farm.  She's yet to be named but is a bundle of sweet love.  Mum and baby are doing great.
    We had NO IDEA this mare was even pregnant.  HOW, you say, HOW can you not know your mare is pregant?  First of all, she isn't our a few weeks ago, my Mum and I said to Deb (her owner) that maybe she needed worming or something because her belly was quite large.  She told us that Misty is always like this, and a bit of a "belly breather".  This, combined with the thought that her stallion was a "dud stud" (and ironically was gelded 2 weeks ago because of this...) no one even suspected there would be a winter surprise.  Until 4 days ago when Deb came rushing into the farmhouse kitchen panting that "Misty gots boobs!  They're FULL of milk!!! OMG, I think we're having a baby!!!!"  So, we had time to bring her into the barn.  Just as well, temperatures have plummeted to -27 or so the past 4 nights, not exactly baby-friendly weather.

    Anyway, here she is...just an hour old.

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