Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, you all know that I have an upcoming hysterectomy scheduled for Thursday November 12th. Approaching the knowledge that I will be wombless hereon in has been a daunting task for me. I've lovingly been told by close family members that 'if it needs doing, it needs doing'...but it's still been a bit of a roller coaster ride working through my own surging emotions regarding it all. I'm finally feeling better about it all today. Which is good, because the alternative for me is stressing so badly I end up with migraines and gut upheaval or worse, allergic reactions....Ohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, been finding my neutral space.

My children are a bit worried about me being 'gone' (at the hospital) for so long. Three to five days, I've been told. Let's assume I'll make a stellar recovery and be home as soon as possible. My oldest daughter is fretting the most. Normal. I remember when my Mum had her hysterectomy (I was 10) and was in hospital for a week, it did my head in. Mind you, it was a closer drive to the hospital for us than it will be for my children and husband/family. However, my oldest daughter IS looking forward to her Grammie taking her to Karate on Wednesday night. Apparently, Karate is awesome if Grammie takes her. My youngest daughter doesn't seem too bothered by what's coming up...she's quite comfortable spending a few days at Grammie and Poppa's house and looks forward to chalk drawing on their paved driveway, as well as "spaghetti!!!!" I'm grateful, very grateful for my inlaws continued support. They've been absolutely stellar in this regard.

My Mum is coming out from Winnipeg for 2 weeks to help out with me, the house, the kids, the animals and making sure my husband gets a lunch. She managed to find unbelievable seat sales on flights from Winnipeg to Hamilton for a scant $89.00. Thank you West Jet!!! While I was all cool for recouping at the inlaws, I'm glad I'll be able to be at home, in my own home, for recouping. I'm going to have to find homes for a pile of my houseplants today or tomorrow as my Mum is allergic to them. Am trying to get all the laundry and house sorted out today/tomorrow. Although, my husband reminds me he can use the facilities and I shouldn't worry about it all...it's sort of natural to want to get this all sorted out beforehand, right?

So, all in all, this week is sort of all about the hysterectomy. Hope it goes well.

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Faith Berry said...


My hospital time for my fibroid surgery was 5 days so be prepared, just in case! I'm so glad you will have your Mum for two weeks!!!!! Surgery is exhausting for anyone and it's natural to be weak afterward. I remember my husband doing all the cooking for at least the first week. Please be sure to take the downtime you need to recover well. Good luck on getting the housework, etc. organized.