Monday, November 16, 2009

All That Ick Is Gone...

Have been home a couple of days now, and am feeling unbelievably great post hysterectomy. Not sure now what I was ever worried about! Staff and Doctors at Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital were AMAZING, and they took great care of me. Precautions were taken due to Masto and my latex allergy, and I only had two anaphylactic reactions the day following surgery. Turns out it was my reacting, we think, to the antibiotic, Cephalax (I think that's how you spell it) that I've been given to ward off infection.

Now we know why I hurt so much.
I'm in less pain now, healing, than I've been in for about 7 years. Turns out I had pelvic congestive disease (not to be confused with pelvic inflammatory disease, which is an STD) which causes severe varicose veins in the uterus and pooling of blood; adenomyosis which is enlarged uterus where the endometrium fuses with uterus muscle and becomes enlarged because it sort of bleeds into itself; and then my cervix was hardened from all that weight and the size of uterus pushing down on it that it had prolapsed half way down my vaginal canal. My uterus was the size it would be if I was between 4 and 5 months pregnant and weighed about 4lbs. Doc says I would've hemorrhaged by about Xmas and quite possibly have died. Glad we got this done now. phewwwwwwwwww. Uterus is being biopsied. It'll be interesting to see if there were any Mast Cells lurking in there (and maybe causing the enlargement?)
Am on strict rest (even though I feel great), as not only had the uterus and cervix removed but he had to repair the ligaments and muscles that were holding the cervix in place under the uterus. They were stretched and badly damaged.
Mum is here for two weeks as I'm not allowed to do anything for 6 weeks.

Crazy...not sure how I'll manage that! But have to.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your love, warmth, prayers, thoughts, light and grooviness. I felt completely loved and full of comfort going into the actual surgery because of you. Namaste.


Faith Berry said...

Glad the surgery went well and that you feel good. What a relief to be rid of all the excess! Hope you stay well, happy and safe.


Jenn McKay said...

Hi, my mom told me about your blog. I'm so glad you feel better after the hysterectomy. Scary to think of what might have happened if you had to wait much longer.

I write a blog about my health stuff too. Check it out if you're interested:

Keep your feet up, and take care.