Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blah But Good

Sorry I've not been around much. I've been feeling pretty good overall this past week or so.

Husband had to take care of a honey bee infestation in our house (exterior walls) that could've been deadly to me, and of course it's now primo wasp season. One sting and I'm done. Plus, summer has finally arrived and I can barely stand to be outside for more than 5 minutes. No moving to the desert for me, obviously.

I hope you are all feeling ok or fabulous.

Pretty good, for me, btw, means I'm not in hospital or have had a trip via ambulance.

I've had tremendous bone pain and some slight tongue swelling the past couple of days but overall, am better since adhering to the strictness of the combined low histamine and latex cross over food diet. I'm up to about 11 foods that I can tolerate, but finding creative ways to combine them is a challenge. Some days I just don't bother eating...what's the point? I get down about food. I love cooking and eating but the joy is gone.

My Mum is here visiting from Winnipeg (ok, Anola, MB) for a couple of weeks while my inlaws are in Ireland. I hope they are having a smashing time over there!!! (drink lots of whiskey!!!!) It's great having Mum here. This past week has gone, altogether, way too fast.

Antony, my hubby, is doing his CPR/First Aid certification this past couple of days. He didn't need any coaching when they got to the anaphylaxis portion.

I'm off to my second Reiki class tonight. Really looking forward to it, despite how new agey it might sound.

Will write more when my energy levels are better. xoxoxo

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