Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Has Masto or Allergies Changed Your Life?

I'm just wondering, if you'd care to share, how Mastocytosis, Idiopathic Anaphylaxis or Allergies (Latex, or otherwise) has changed your life? Good or bad. Positive or negative. Large or small.



Foxxy One said...

For a while, masto made me afraid of my own shadow. Now that I know more, I feel safer and it has become a blessing to me. Without it I never would have met wonderful people like you!

Dawn Pongon said...

Masto turned my life upside down and I haven't quite gotten it right side up. I am taking it one day at a time.

Rachel E. said...

I don't have mastocytosis, but I have an anaphylactic allergy to cat & rodent fur. I grew up with rabbits & guinea pigs and not only can I not have those anymore, but I always dreamed about letting my kids have tons of pets and now that won't be able to happen. I also wanted to get a kitten from the shelter and raise it as soon as I moved out on my own, and that wasn't able to happen. I have to carry 2 Epi-pens with me everywhere I go.

My asthma/allergies to airborne things like vog (volcanic fog that blows in from the Big Island of Hawaii-I live on Oahu) and pollen have impacted my life in a positive way because the few weeks a year when it is difficult to breathe make me so much more appreciative of the days when I can go all day without even thinking about breathing or reaching for my inhaler.

I would love to hear your answer to this question!