Monday, December 15, 2008


Up until recently, I thought 'Blogging' was something that I did when I filled this little box with my ramblings, observations, neuroses, dribblings or moments of enlightenment. It turns out that I can 'blog' by reading the writings of others! Turns out that I can spend a portion of my day NOT feeling cut off from the world (that I knew) by reading the thoughts, visions and arguments of people from allllllllllll over the world...this is freaking brilliant!!! I'm sooooo excited. There's a whole world oooooooooooooout there...

IF you have life-threatening allergies/systemic issues the way that I do, you'll appreciate this point of view all the more. Imagine for a moment NOT being able to leave your home because out there could kill you? I'm not being melodramatic or ridiculous...this is my life now. I do get out every once in a while, but it's in extremely controlled environments. This laptop computer, high speed internet, and the portal that opens with a few agile strokes of the keys is nothing short of life-saving. Well, I'm speaking from personal experience when I say that.

This evening, for example, I read and discovered the blog of someone who shares a background/passion for theatre while living in the world and while finding his footing in Blogdom. It's about time someone drew Obama AND Chekhov into the same breath...mind you, there's no better time in USA history/World history for poetic drama than now. Unless you're a suicide bomber, and then you're likely wrapped up in your own poetic drama, so much so, that nobody elses' life/drama/poetry really matters. I really enjoy the connections that Steve makes in his writing, and for reminding me about some of the sources of inspiration that I used to enjoy. It's been a looooooooong time since Theatre was my whole life.

So Steve, thanks, thanks very much for opening my eyes to the possibilities that my Blog and Blogdom doesn't have to be about what I have to say, so much as what I have to share. And reading/listening is equally as important as putting it out there.

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