Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is the kind of work one pig can do. We put her on the veggie garden (to be...) around May 24th and today, this is the result of her tilling, digging and eating, me giving it one till and a rake to collect the rhizomes (roots of the grassy stuff.) What's even more impressive (to me, anyway) is how we just had to shake a bucket of food for her to follow us back to the proper pig pen that we have her two siblings residing in. We would've had them all in the veggie garden but it was sooo stressful moving the one pig that day, and seriously hard work, that we thought we'd see what one pig can do. It's unlikely ANY rhizomes would've been in the ground if all three piggies had been put there. Looks like veggies will be going in this week. Just as well, we're still getting frost and we're into June!

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