Monday, June 8, 2009

Bone Marow Biopsy and stuff...

We have to be at the hospital by 6 am for the 7:30 am bone marrow biopsy. Having had one before with only a little local freezing and going into shock afterwards, I was pretty stressed about having to experience that kind of torture again. However, my Hematologist is knocking me out completely. SO, the procedure will be not only painless during it, but the team of doctors at St. Michael's will take great care not to have me in pain (as it's a Masto trigger...)

I just talked to the Charge Nurse (who won't be there tomorrow) but she KNOWS about latex allergies (a friend of hers has one that is as bad as mine) and says she will flag my chart so NOTHING goes wrong. She asked me if I carried an Epi pen. "I carry 4," I told her. She told me to bring them. Just in case. They should be prepared but JUST in case...this might seem silly in a hospital, but after my last knee surgery in March in Parry Sound (the procedure was fine, but I didn't do so good coming out of anaesthetic and they weren't prepared...) I'm not willing to take any chances either. I'm glad they aren't either.

So, we're heading over to the inlaws for dinner shortly, and to drop the kids off. We have to leave here at about 3 am to get there for 6 am tomorrow. The Charge Nurse told me to make sure the nursing staff are aware and check my chart AND if anything looks even remotely suspicious in the waiting room or anything, to tell them and they'll move me to somewhere secure asap.

Feel like I'm in good hands, overall. It'll be good to get this c-kit mutation over and done with.

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Foxxy One said...

At this point, I hope you are resting comfortably, having a sip of something nice like tea or ginger ale.