Saturday, June 20, 2009


First, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Carla of Masto Mama chronicles for designing, uploading and giving my blog page a facelift! I love the way her blog page looks, and asked her if she'd be willing to give me a hand or pointers for mine. I'm amazed that she had time for it because she is one busy Mama, but she threw herself into it with full spirit and friendship and...what can I say...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Carla.

Our dear dear friends Lesley and Buck arrived yesterday, just as the girls were getting off the school bus. They are Canadian military. Buck is being reassigned for a new tour in Comox, BC. So, on route to their new home at CFB Comox, they stopped in to visit with us. Lesley is going through Law School currently. She's an incredible woman. Hell of a first year that she had studying and being away from Buck. What matters is that they are together now, plan to be together as much as possible AND we wish them safe and happy travels from here to BC. They are driving across country. We are their last 'friend' stop. They are hoteling it hereon in. With their 14 years old cat, Lincoln (meow.) Our best and fondest wishes and prayers for a safe trip and new gig in BC. xooxoxoxox

It's Bronwyn's 8th birthday party today. Her actual birthday isn't until next weekend (when Auntie Tracy and Uncle Phil arrive from England...we are all jaunting out to Winnipeg for a family wedding the following week.) So it's a Princess or 'Bratz' themed party. In light of our dislike of Bratz slutty clothing, we are pushing for the princess thing. I'm up early to bake a cake but realize I have the wrong flours in the cupboard for making a cake. So, am thinking we might have to settle for an ice-cream cake from DQ or something? (I've decided not to sweat the small and big stuff...ohhhhhm, breeeeeeathe....) It's pissing rain right now, and is supposed to rain most of the day today. So, it'll become an indoor party if it continues. We were hoping for sun so that the kids could frolick in the back yard and back 100 acres (for the scavenger hunt!) I should've known the cake thing would go to hell in a handbasket because I already accidently touched the barbie that Bronwyn picked out for the centre of the cake, with a boiling hot oven pan and melted half her hair. Scary how it just dissolved before my very eyes...cinged. I will be making a pass-the-parcel game and maybe we have a big enough living room for Musical Chairs and Musical Statues. I'm tired already. ha ha.

Masto-wise...(touch wood) it's been a really good few weeks. This past week has been pretty good too. Is this what happens when you take your meds properly and do as the doctor tells you? I've had a few crap days but nothing emergency like. I follow the protocol for 'not feeling so hot' too...epi spray (one spray), 50-100 mgs benadryl every 3-4 hours, 50mg prednisone, double up on Reactine (so, 40mgs), Gastrocom/Cromylyn every 6 hours (like normal), puffer if needed and rest; don't go anywhere. I don't want to jinx myself but seriously it's been almost 8 weeks since I was last in hospital with this. THIS is the longest I've gone in a year and half. Can this continue? Oh PLEASE...let it continue. I want to be better.

I realized this week that I'm on tender hooks waiting for the proverbial 'axe to fall'; waiting for the next huge reaction (and trying to keep the drama to a minimum.) This must be causing me some stress somewhere underneath it all? When time becomes too goood to be true, and despite appreciating the good days, we're all waiting...when...when? Reactions usually hit me the hardest when I get my period, which I have right now. This is two periods, so far, without incident. This should be the norm in people's lives, NOT the exception. Not sure how to resolve this underlying fear that something awful is going to happen; that a massive reaction is around the corner. My approach is to take one day, each moment as it comes, but even my husband and kids are waiting for it...we all are. It'd be nice if this was it.

My husband, and my inlaws (better than having outlaws!) think the meds are finally working. Dr. Vadas did tell us they could take a few months for them to really work together AND I have to make sure I take them on time...which I am, diligently. It's weird not bending the rules; or forgetting to take them. The old me would've slacked off big time by now with all these bottles of pills and liquids, but we've learned that the cost is far too high. So, I've been trying it Dr. Vadas' way...and the sceptic in me has been put to rest: no massive reactions. Crap, maybe it's worth listening to your doctor sometimes.

Am still struggling with my weight issues. I know that I don't want to get myself bogged down by this weight gain, and part of me is happy that this has become a focus for me, rather than not breathing or falling down, but all the'd be nice if my body would co-operate with the exercise I do and the careful diet I'm on. It's either take up smoking or reduce input/increase output further. I'm not about to throw cancer sticks into my mouth, so obviously further refinement of what I've been doing is called for. Wish I could run, then this would fall off. Keep the new knees for 5-6 years or blow them out in a year of running? (My orthopedic surgeon warned me.) Hmmmm....So, forward ho...Maybe bellydancing for 4 hours a day would do it?

Well, best make my morning coffee and get ready for the 10 kids we'll have here all afternoon, and the few that are sleeping over. Hopefully we all still have our wits about us by morning...which, is Father's Day!!!!

Thank you to all you Fathers. I appreciate your role in raising our kids, supporting our families and being the backbone. xoxoxoxo Happy Father's Day.


Laura the Hair Diva said...

Loved the new layout initially, but it's a hard read for me...have to scroll back and forth as it is too big for my monitor....poo.
Excited to see you, Tracy and the girls soon!

Faith said...

I love the look! It doesn't fit on my monitor either though.


Gypsy Princessa said...

Thanks, I will talk to my Blog Designer about this. Thanks for the feedback!!!!

Carla said...

I'll try to fix that--is it the font or the whole blog? Maybe it needs to be narrower (is that a word?!)

Anyway, I hear you on the waiting for the next big reaction that is around the corner...I hate that feeling. You live each day wondering when the shoe will drop.

I also get you on the weight gain thing. I have gained almost 50 pounds in the last year and a half since starting masto meds, and whenever I exercise, my body is out of whack again. It is making me crazy especially when I had to try to find a bathing suit at Target today. It's evil!!

Anyway, I'll try to fix the layout size and hopefully that will work.


Marie said...

Hi There,
I've just stumbled across your incredible blog this afternoon in my search for more info regarding Systmeic Masto. I am going thru the diagnosing stages myself and was wondering if I could direct a few more questions to you personally rather than posting them publicly?