Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Trivialities

Let me begin with asking you to keep Dawn in your thoughts today. Masto bites. Lots of love and warmth coming your way Dawn...thinking about you.

The chickens arrived today. Ok, we had to go get them. But here they are.

That took the life out of me. Mind you, there were 60 of them. 24 for us; 36 for friends who loaned us the truck to go get them. The snow made it harder for us to transport them from truck to coops. My lungs still don't feel right but I'm breathing...

I'm having trouble seeing today. And, I've 'lost' time a few times today. I look super tired, black rings under my eyes...not myself. Eyes are sore. Feel like I didn't sleep, even though I know I did. Tongue is puffy. I'm itchy.

At least my tummy feels better. Now, if I could just keep warm.

Hoping your day is better.

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