Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Farm

I don't do well lying on the couch/futon all day. My husband continues to urge me to do so but despite the permission, I feel guilty. It's March Break, and the girls are home from school...WHAT a lot of fun I am to be around this week, huh? So, this afternoon, my friend Barb picked the girls up to take them over to her place for playing in the Maple Syrup loop, run around, maybe learn to play Dominoes or something. I'm so grateful for friends who understand how shitty it is NOT being the mother that you want to be, and offer to spend time with the girls.


Had to take some painkillers in the end because I couldn't walk to the toilet without crying. Which meant I had to take some Benadryl too, because there does seem to be some correlation between 'flaring' up and the percoset's. This meant I had a window of about 10 minutes to pee, get myself comfy before I'd be walloped in the face with fatigue. I pee'd quickly, and decided that since we are in the midst of March, I'd better get my animals ordered if we are going to grow some of our own meat or livestock this year. I needed to feel like I've accomplished SOMEHTHING today.

I wasn't sure where to start. So, I looked in the phone book for places that sell grain and animal feed. Eventually, I was directed to help. By the time I got to speak to Middle River Farms, up in McKellar, I was aware that my faculties might not be fully with me. However, I had this lovely lady on the phone, who I am aware is 75% self-sufficient from the fruits of her and her families' labour. She turned out to be a wealth of information and encouragement. We discussed the pro's and con's of hybrid egg layer/meat birds (chickens), and what has worked for her and her family over the years. I ordered 2 dozen egg layers and 30 meat birds. I ordered 6 'weanlings' (baby pigs), and ordered a cow. The cow won't actually come to live on our farm. We're not ready for this kind of venture yet. I have limited energy, so I need to be real about what I can handle and can't. We've done pigs and chickens before...however, that was before the side of our barn caved in this past winter.

I'm excited about having critters on the farm. Nothing goes to waste. We are going to get electric fencing for the pigs, and a portable shelter built for them. This way, the pigs can 'groom' vegetable plots for me for next year. They are incredible at land clearing. The chickens will be happy clucking around the yard with me during the day. My first project this spring will be my straw bale chicken coop. I need to work with my hands. I am going to spend time doing what I CAN...instead of lamenting what I can't. If I've been given time, through the misery of Mastocytosis and anaphylaxis, I'm going to use it.

We are in the throws of Maple Syrup production right now, at Barb's place. So, we'll be out there most of next week at the evaporator.

THIS, is living...

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