Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year 2009

This is the day we feel we begin our resolutions – the promises of a changed us; the setting of goals for an improved me & marks the beginning of the next 364 days of effort to keep those promises.

I don’t normally set New Year resolutions, but this year I need to.

I HAVE to drop this additional 50lbs that’s currently hugging and weighing down my 5’2” frame. My BMI is ridiculous and I think I fall into the severely obese category. It’s odd that I don’t FEEL this huge…except when I want to run; except when I climb the stairs; except when I want to keep up my with children; except when I can’t fit into pants that fit me 6 months ago; except when I look in the mirror. I want to make excuses for it. I want to say things like:

I don’t eat THAT much.
I exercise.
I gained this when I got pregnant again, and it just won’t budge.
I’ve taken a LOT of steroids for my allergic reactions this year.
I’ve always been curvy.
I’ve always had a big bum.
I don’t have a sweet tooth.

And the list goes on.

I guess the truth is, I’ve been completely unrealistic about how I eat, why I eat, and what foods don’t agree with me. I often ingest, for example, dairy products that either give me an immediate headache, flatulence (that’s a fancy word for FART), diarrhea, constipation, blocked sinuses and tummy ache. HOW stupid can I be? I mean, if I was a cat and food did this to me, I just wouldn’t eat it. If I was a child and food did this to me, my parents wouldn’t give it to me and at some point I’d just stop eating it because I KNOW it’s going to hurt me in some way. WHY, as an adult, do I keep thinking I should eat dairy? All that calcium that’s supposedly in it? Do I believe the hype and propaganda of the Dairy Board who are in charge of Dairy advertising? I guess somewhere along the line, I have believed this stuff. And, I must like it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be drawn to the multiple types of cheese out there, cream, milk, cheese sauce, chocolate milk, Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Coffee, and there are a whole slew of foods out there that contain milk but aren’t milk…like bread. There was a time in history when bread contained nothing more than water, yeast & flour. Now we fill it with soy isolates, milk byproducts, and various grains and enriching vitamins (the ones that we strip from wheat in the first place.) We also enrich milk & milk products because we strip it of vital nutrients when we pasteurize it. So, I need to revise and adjust WHAT I’m eating. Ironically, I hated cheese and milk as a kid.

So, I will be blogging about my continued struggles with my ‘allergies’ and ‘weight’. Who would’ve thought my life would become about these two things? For now, though, they need to be. These are my struggles and I obviously will learn a thing or two from them. So, I need to be real about this all.

I’m overweight and it’s hurting me. Time to DO something about it.

I’m going to have to be careful about making excuses NOT to succeed though. Things like:

It’s winter and my treadmill is broken.
It’s too cold to go for a walk with the dog.
I’m too tired today to exercise (that’s ironic.)
I can’t afford to eat properly.
I’m too busy to take care of me.

Oh, and the list can go on…

But I’m not going to let it. I’ve dropped weight before with exercise and eating less. I’ve dropped weight before with Herbal Magic. Don’t think we can afford Herbal Magic’s high prices, so I’d best go back to DOING MORE and EATING LESS and differently.

I’m already on a restricted diet due to the allergy thing. No potatoes, No chocolate, No shellfish, No alcohol, No tomatoes, No nuts. Apparently these are high histamine-containing foods. I’ve been pretty good, although not perfect, about this stuff over the holidays. Last night, I had a Bailey’s on Ice and a banana/zambuca shooter and this morning I feel like I drank 6 bottles of wine and mixed it with Johhny Walker’s or something. I don’t feel so hot. I feel pretty grim actually. I can’t do that again. I’ve taken two Advil’s and they’ve barely taken the edge off. I hurt. More fool me.

So here goes. A new year and there lies the opportunity for an improved me. Mind you, that opportunity lies in every day, not just January the 1st 2009.

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