Friday, December 19, 2008

CPP Long Term Disability and Latex Allergy

I received a phone call this morning, while in hospital. When I got home, I called back. Long Term Disability are awarding me disability benefits. This is amazing news, as I've been fighting since last January for them to understand the magnitude of this allergy. I have had zero income for the past 15 months, save for Sick Leave benefits for 15 weeks. They will pay me retroactively for the past 11 moths. Ironic, isn't it, that I was in hospital recovering from a reaction last night.

To any and all folks fighting with Disability or Social Security regarding latex allergy issues (when they become life-threatening and THIS severe), it's worth appealing, it's worth fighting and most of all, it's worth educating the decision makers about this deadly allergy.

IF I can help you in your fight, please contact me. I know this is a grim, stressful and dark road.


BubbleGirl said...

I'm interested in knowing more about your application, appeal, etc. I've been out of the workforce due to latex allergies for about four years now, and my husband was just laid off which makes me think I should be more active about getting the Disability taken care of. Especially when I started thinking of the idea that there is no where I can work and be safe. I'd love to find out more.

Gypsy Princessa said...

I was awarded in Canada, but I'm happy to share what I can. Why don't you email me, and I'll get into it with you.

Great blog/web page btw!!!