Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Is In The Air, Again

This past weekend I was witness to, and discreetly (or mostly discreetly) taking photo's of a blessed event.  It was SUCH a special time.  My dear friend E.'s parents divorced after a couple of decades of marriage, spent some time in their separate lives lamenting and missing one another, and then...they got back together.  This past weekend they got married AGAIN.

It was EVERYTHING a wedding should be: intimate, loving, precious, warm, fuzzy, funny and relaxed.  They shared nuptials with a grandson as the Best Man; a son-in-law giving the bride away; a daughter as Maid of Honour and two very special young ladies as Flower Girls.  And me, flitting around taking photo's, while my oldest daughter played 'cued' music at the right moment.  And, one Officiating wedding lady.

What was incredible was the incredible downpour of rain we've had for over 5 days, and that there was one sparse, small, window of sunshine and blue skies...during the service, beside the naturally occurring waterfall at the cottage.  It was like God or the Universe was blessing their union.  Magical.

When I have permission, I will share some photo's that I took.  I gotta say, with that much love in the air, it was difficult to take a bad photo.

The nuptials made me want to say and witness my love for my husband all over again.

The reception?  Great food, great wine (for those that can) and GREAT company.  I had a blast. Thank you for letting me be a special part of it, and extra special thanks to Erin for helping me with my medications so that I could keep up the guise of being 'normal' for the event.  It's special moments like this that make life the celebration that it should be.

Thanks. xoxo

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