Friday, October 2, 2009

Give Thanks!

I am feeling incredibly full of love right now (even though I'm barfing up a lung, itchier than hell and feeling woozy.) The kindness of friends and some family members has been unreal regarding this prescription medication crisis that we're in.

I am honoured to report that since putting that little button (to the right) up on this blogsite, we have collectively pulled together $1110.00 (and some family members are in speaks with me about adding $500.00 to that...) which is TWO months supply of all the drugs I have to take!!!! Talk about incredible!!!

This leaves an additional $800.00 or one month's supply to sort out. HOW amazing is that!?!?! Three days ago, we had 3 months to sort out. And now, we only have one month to sort out.

At the urging of some Masto. folks, I've contacted Costco to see if their medication pricing will bring the costs down, so that we can get more bang for our buck and need less.

I also checked this week into whether our insurance company would/could transfer unused prescription credits from other family members on the plan to me and the answer was a big fat NO. It was worth pursuing though, as some company's do this.

Have got the Trillium (Provincial funding) application filled out...just need some documentation from our pharmacy (done) and from the insurance company (requested.) This funding will hopefully help us for the next calendar year with out of pocket medications that would kill us financially otherwise. IF funding comes through, retroactively, from Trillium (for now) I would love to be able to give the money that people have donated to us/me back to them OR (if they want) put it into a fund with the Mastocytosis Society of Canada (since I'm involved) for other people facing this kind of ugly crunch.

Overall, this outpouring of love and financial aid has lifted my spirits exponentially. Not because I love money but because purchasing these life-saving drugs isn't optional and facing financial uncertainty (omg, we can't afford these!) puts such a massive weight on a person's shoulders that it can feel impossible to breathe. I know the look on my husband's face when I told him our prescription coverage, for me, had been cut off and the massive burden that he immediately started carrying when he muttered, "Oh...shit..." I've been talking about my responses to this outpouring of support and love, but he is equally sharing in my sentiments. He can't believe how amazing you've all been.

For our American friends who are wondering why our incredible 'universal healthcare system' isn't covering these drugs...the system doesn't. It IS fantastic for when I need to see my doctor or have to go to Emerg. (more than the average person) and for seeing Specialist's, etc. but we have to buy additional insurance to cover prescription drugs. For us, this means through my husband's work. We pay a monthly premium for this coverage.

So...THANK YOU. From the bottom of my Being, thank you. xoxoxoxo

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