Saturday, May 16, 2009

House & Farm work

How is it, that when we have guests coming to stay with us, I am able to clean this house in ways that I want to clean it everyday but just can't muster the muster to do so??? It's 1:30 and this whole house (except for our bedroom) looks exactly the way that I like it. It hasn't looked like this forever....I wasn't fussing either. Just going from one room to the other cleaning, sorting, purging, arranging, making, was all so easy today. I've even got dinner almost done. And dessert. No losing of tempers or getting cranky. Think I might have a nap.

We had another 24 chickens arrive yesterday. They aren't sure about where they are...can't imagine the journey that's brought them to us. They all look shell-shocked. However, they all look super healthy and brown with slick looking feathers. Unlike our other 24 that were free from a egg laying mass production facility. They consider these ladies too old and redundant to keep. They still lay eggs, perhaps not every day but most days and keep us with a steady supply of eggs as well as keeping all the bugs and slugs out of the garden.

The 24 ladies that we've had this past month are used to the routine around here now. In the morning I let them out of the coop and they spend all day clucking around the yard foraging for slugs, worms and other bits of whatever it is that they ingest. Whatever it is, their yolks are super yellow. We have no rooster, so there's never ever any fear of fertilized eggs. Then, around 5pm or so, I go out with a big bucket of grain and oyster shells and kitchen vegetable scraps, shake the bucket and they all follow me, like I'm some sort of pop star, up to the coop. In lieu of shrieks of celebrity status, I get clucks and bkrrrp's. They all follow me into the coop where I deposit said food in the metal feeders. I chuck a bunch of it in other piles on the floor of the coop...they like to forage and it offsets any internal warfare from the avian masses. Then I do this all again with water. We collect rain in barrels for them.

The pigs are getting bigger. Starting to get jowly actually. One of them still jumps like I'm prodding him with an electric stick every time I go in, but the other two are used to me and are mild mannered. They eat whatever slop we throw at them. Lots of garden and vegetable scraps mainly.

We test rode Pal, the horse we are thinking about getting yesterday. The girls rode him bareback and without reigns or halter for a bit. Then we put a halter on, just to move him around with a bit more ease. He's so easy going. This could be the right horse for us.

Ok, my Grandmother, Uncle and his wife are coming for the weekend, from Kitchener...that's about a 4 or 5 hour drive usually. It's pissing rain, so crappy weekend weather. And, it's supposed to SNOW tomorrow!!?!?!?!? in May!?!??!?! Anyway, have to get dinner finished, and help my daughter finish her cake. It looks and smells great.

Have a safe and happy long weekend everyone!

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