Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Had anaphylaxis yesterday, at a Church. That'll teach me to branch out and TRY to go somewhere. Two epi pens and drugs later...they let me home. The hospital is used to me now and trusted I could look after myself at home after the reaction.

So I'm on the usual post-reaction protocol and I'm feeling horrid.

The horrid nurse and I had a 'healing' moment yesterday...which I'll write about later when I'm home from seeing Dr. Vadas, my Toronto Immunologist and Canada's Systemic Mastocytosis doctor. Hopefully we can avoid a rebound on route to Toronto and IN his hospital. I reacted a bit last time I was there.

Anyway, I'll check in later. Toronto is a good three hours from here. Downtown Toronto is 4 or 5, depending on traffic.

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Anonymous said...

OH I want to hear about the healing moment with the horrid nurse. That has stayed on my mind, what she said to you last time. So when you're up to it, do write about it. :-)