Sunday, April 19, 2009

Complacent, Bothered and Bewildered...

My friend Tara's comments about my 'illness' being a mental matter have taken up all together too much time in my mind, mullings and memory. I shouldn't permit this. So I will thank her for providing me the opportunity to re-examine my feelings and thoughts about HAVING an 'illness'.

What I did become aware of this week was the unmistakable pain present in my ascending colon region. I have pain in the front AND in the back of this area of my anatomy. My Hematologist gave me a serious examination the other day and asked me if my gall bladder has ever been looked at? Scanned? Issues? No, no, no. The pain there is UNREAL. On par with the same kind of pain I had when my appendix went (the week before our wedding.) Brings tears to the eyes involuntarily when touched...and when I rest my arms on my gut...and when my children sit on my lap (don't want to be touched there.) Wonder what THAT's all about? Another thing to note. This is where my gut pain resides.

So, the other day at St. Michael's hospital, I met my new Hematologist. She's super nice, super pretty and super thorough. I thought I was going to have a bone marrow biopsy. It's been pushed to April 29th now. My doctor was concerned about doing a bmb without freezing. She called it 'inhumane'. Her and my Immunologist want my upcoming hysterectomy moved to their hospital from the much smaller small town hospital I was supposed to have this done at. They say that they can handle potential complications there much better than this other hospital because they understand the nature of my allergies/mastocytosis. My new family doctor agrees too. I met him on Friday. He wants to see me once a month to stay on top of what's going on. My Immunologist is not going to be happy that I had another reaction on Friday night. And I was having SUCH a great day.

I hope I don't become complacent about this whole health thing. But it's hard to listen to the broken record that's become your life with a life threatening latex allergy and this whole mastocytosis picture.

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