Sunday, March 8, 2009


Another night, and it looks like it'll be another battle to sleep and get comfortable. This leg and knee pain is unflaming real. I should've known. Two days of headaches preceding it. Fuck, shoot me now.

I have a bottle of percoset, loads left over from recovering from knee surgery. IF you can believe it, it hurt less than this does. Ergo, the big bottle of pills left over. I used some, but not the amount in the bottle. I am very fortunate and thankful for having them now.

I know Advil (TM) Migraine Ibuprofin would help this pain. But for us in Masto world, it's a GIANT trigger. Poof, off into the land of anaphylaxis; itching; pain; gut turmoil; inability to control one's own body temperature; urge to pee and then not having to go; vomit and diahrrea, we spin...

Ok, writing about it, isn't even helping. Please, someone chop my legs off...ok, be careful what you wish for...someone please help my pain go away without leaving me legless or unable to walk (walking is such good therapy for my isolated Self.)

Hope you're having a better night. Really.

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Foxxy One said...

No advice, just hopes that you are feeling better soon!