Monday, March 16, 2009


There's lots of crap things happening right now, to lots of to each of you, I'm wishing much love, strength, fortitude and hope.

To my friend Nikki, who lost her Uncle to cancer this weekend - our condolences.

To the Bray Family, who lost their Mother and 12 year old Daughter; Wife; Sister; Niece; and all the many many wonderful things they were to you - our condolences. Their ATV fell through the ice on our big Lake Rosseau this past weekend. And the rescue became a recovery.

To my sister Imogen, who's dealing with some hefty issues with her son Bryn...much love, hope for a diagnosis soon, and peace in your lives.

To the parents of Baby Abby who continue to pray for a miracle, and hope, for their little girl with leukemia - and have received some really horrid flack for posting her journey and requests for prayers on their blogsite - our love to you.

To my friend Nikki, battling her own cancer...much love and strength.

To my friend Dawn, who has Systemic Mastocytosis, and is often pulled under by the sheer weight of this incurable disease's manifestations & it's financial hardships...much love, strength and warmth.

To my friend Drea, who struggles for happiness, balance and personal peace. I love you, just the way you are.

To Carla, and her two little darlings with Systemic Mastocytosis (yes, all three of them!!), glad to see Gavin is eating again (and putting on weight), that God has answered your prayers for love, strength and financial aid. I will be donating to your cause, as soon as I can figure out my PayPal account password and ID. It's here somewhere. They live in the USA, and their meds are eating them out of house and home. I'm so lucky to live in Canada and that my husband has a brilliant drug plan with his work.

All the best, for each of you.
Much love,

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