Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gavin & other important friends

His Mom is pleased to report that little Gavin is doing MUCH thank you to everyone who thought about this important little man, prayed for him, wished him well and hoped he would be ok.

My friend Dawn, of Breaking of Dawn Blog, has had a rough past week or so with colitis and some Masto-related hell. I thought she was being unusually quiet. I wish I could take her health crap away so that she could go about living and enjoying her life with Marc and her gorgeous twin girls. She's been in hospital with it. Which, in the USA, costs an arm and a leg too. I seriously think we need to get some funding together for Masto folks, to help those in countries where trips to the hospital are paid out of pocket and seriously hamper a family's ability to function financially. This whole mastocytosis world means multiple trips to the hospital...wish I could say, even annunally, but for many of us, it's monthly or weekly. I've digressed. What I want to say is, Dawn, I hope you are healing from the digestive hell, that you are resting and that you are being kind to yourself. This disease is not your fault, it can't be helped when our body flares up and...please, just envelope yourself in as much love and light as possible. Big hugs.

I've had an off week. Not as turbulent as it can be or could be or has been. I've had 3 days of pretty serious insomnia due, I think, to bone pain and digestive disturbances. I've had 4 days of serious digestive seems like whatever I feed myself, churns, burns, refluxes, bloats, gas pains, diahrrea's or constipates (I fluctuate, hourly, between the two...NO fun) and just plain ole hurts my tummy. Sort of like a headache in my tummy, as my daughter once told me when she was four. I'm farting REALLY painful, uncomfortable farts right now, as I write this. Ugh...WHAT do I need to do!?!?!? I've ordered some Macrobiotic Diet books from Amazon. Perhaps eating THIS way will help. I'm having serious problems digesting meat. Huge issues. I tried lamb last night, only a small amount, and I had a night of digestive distress and am still hurting this morning. I guess it could've been the other foods, but I'm not sure what. Oh, maybe that cheesecake slice (we had friends over for dinner, so my hubby went and got a nice mixed cheesecake for afters). retrospect, now that I mention it, THAT was stupid. I know dairy and I don't do well together.

My weight continues to burden me. Just feel myself getting heavier and heavier. Dawn and I have spoken to, and about, this. I'm wondering if the Ranitidine, in it's lowering the GI stomach juices, is interfering with our ability to digest foods? Ergo, our absorption continues to suck (we have enough issues with this, as is) AND our bodies are perhaps, not able to process our foods efficiently, ergo gets stored as fat? I might ask my Immunologist about this when I see him on Wednesday. Wow...where did 6 weeks go? Anyway, I've digressed knees are on the mend, so I'm hoping to add some cardio (gently) to my week coming up to get my body limber and moving again. Yoga is definitely ON the plate too. Gotta move.

I've been flaring up, flush-wise, too for the past 4 days. I think part of my problem was that I went to WalMart and Sobey's with my friend Barb the other day (she drove) and, while I took a pile of drugs to offset any reactions in stores (which, unfortunately, has happened multiple times) and while, I got through my shopping quickly and without incident, when I got home, I flared up. And, I've been dealing with it since. Apparently proximity to allergen filled zones STILL affects me, even if the drugs are working WHILE I'm in the store. My body is still taking IN the allergens and dealing with them when the drugs wear off. UGH!!! I wouldn't have gone at all, except my husband had a digestive flu for 4 days last week. I would think I had this too, except that I get all the other masto-crap with mine. SO....not sure if it's a bit of both?

Anyway, much love and warmth to each of you in the week ahead. Especially for Dawn and her family; Gavin and his family and if it's ok to ask...for me, and my family too.

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