Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mastocytosis In Action

The following You Tube video was recently posted on the Canadian Mastocytosis Support Group website.  I want to share it with you here because THIS is what my emergency situation often looks like, but sometimes mine appears worse.  However, it's ALL life-threatening, as you will see here.  I've learned from this video to stop being a 'hero' and waiting until it all gets much worse than this to call for help.  Remember that this girl in this video HAS ALREADY used her Epi, which is why her symptoms are subsiding, for now...and I'm not quite sure how she feels so fabulous when she leaves the hospital, I feel like death for days, sometimes weeks.

 The other video I'm posting is for the Uticaria Pigmentosa form of this disease. I 'flush' or get red and blotchy they way that Baby Candice does.  And those benign 'tumours' that burst, I've had and get those too.  They only appear during a reaction and takes weeks to go away.  They itch like hell.


Foxxy One said...

Thank you for posting these links. I have to admit the first one freaked me out a bit. One of my allergies is to chocolate. It's rare that I hear about or meet anyone with this allergy.

Gypsy Princessa said...

People often look at you like you're from Mars for having allergies like chocolate or booze or potatoes or tomatoes...but shouldn't. I've had to have these things hurt me a number of times before I've been willing to REALLY give them up...and then, I think WHY, FIONA, WHY does it take THIS (reactions) for you to learn?

Three days before Xmas my Immunologist told me NO chocolate, no alcohol, no nuts, no potatoes, no dairy...I lost 10 lbs over Xmas while everyone else gained. lol.

But Foxxy One, you're's not very usual to find others allergic to chocolate.

Hope you are well.