Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Girls Get Your Groove On

This weekend, on Saturday, at my house there will be what we hope will be the first of many "Girls, Get Your Groove On!" dance nights. My girlfriend, Kim, hosts an event like this in Winnipeg (Canada) every month. Usually on a Thursday night, I think. Most of the women invited to our event are working Mum's so they requested a Saturday night thang. So, Saturday it is.

The idea is to come and dance, like nobody is watching. The idea is to bring either actual or the idea of actual songs that are your ABSOLUTE favourite songs in the whole world to dance to.

Kim and I talked about this at great length in the months prior to her actually hosting this event. Her and I used to haunt The Pyramid or Times Change DanceClub, in Winnipeg, looking for good dance music and POSSIBLY a boy that might notice our snake hips. During our years of serial monogamy, we would usually dance for the flavour of the month/year and hope that sex would be at the end of the night. Our dance, a precursor to what romp might occur between the sheets, in the hallway, on the stairs or wherever. Might not make it home...could be in the car.

HOWEVER, we are both married now, as are the majority of our friends AND have kids and the bodies that go with making those babies and being a bit too busy to have time to go clubbing every night and sweating off the flub, we're all 30-something (maybe 40 something) and wanna move. So, nightly dancing isn't REALLY an option...unless we want to neglect our families. SO, a "Get Your Groove On" night was born...mostly because Kim, wisely, thought something along the lines of, "I'm too old to go dancing in a club, and I'm NOT looking to pick up AND even if I went JUST to dance, I might LOOK like I'm vying for Couger Action Magazine's Lady of The Month award, and I'm not...I just wanna dance, shake my booty and let go..." Me too. AND, it turns out SO DO a bunch of my married-with-children girlfriends up here in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario.

So...this Saturday, we are creating our own fun. Ladies only. I don't mind if kids tag along and wanna play upstairs with my girls (they'd like it too.) Bring your music selections (mine include Abba's "Dancing Queen"...I'm sooooooooo cheezeball and Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen"), comfy clothes, and dance like nobody's watching...because they aren't. We all just wanna groove.

7:30 pm start.

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