Friday, July 25, 2008

Reaction Recovery

Not sure how it happened. Didn't touch anything. Tongue just got tingling and then the right half of it swelled (looked VERY odd), started to hurt when I breathed (especially that spot in my right lung), my lymph nodes under the earlobes started hurting, got light-headed and dizzy upon standing (so had to sit or lie down) and...I began feeling that 'impending doom' feeling.

I got a lecture from my Immunologist this past Monday about not using Epi when this kind of thing starts. "You don't know how it's going to go" she always tells me. Hmmm, that's ok for you to say [I think] because it's not YOU the doctors and nurses look at like you're an idiot when you get to Emerg. and your vitals are good. Tongue will still be slightly fat, but not HUGE (and, let's face it, they have NO idea what my tongue looks like when it's happy) and how is it possible that pain in breathing is only in this ONE spot in your right lung???? They use the "c" word when they look at me. "Crazy."

Or at least, that's how I feel.

So here I am today, post-Benadryl, and the rest of the arsenal of medications that I have. I didn't use's SUCH an ordeal using that stuff. Mind you, maybe I'd feel better right now if I had? I don't feel right. My tongue is still swollen and now, being Day 2 - it hurts. Solid food is impossible today. I tried. It won't go down. Who wants food anyway? I've been vomiting and/or on the loo with diahrrea for three days. AND, I'm not sick. Oh, and that spot in my right lung hurts like heck. I won't even get into the details of the excruciating knee pain.

My Immunologist wants a second opinion from another Oncologist/Hematologist and that bone marrow test done. She says SM NEEDS that bone marrow testing done. SO, I'm now waiting to hear of my impending appt. with another doctor. Oh joy.

Ever feel like a rat, running around on a wheel?


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