Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I haven't figured out if this 'social utility' is a godsend or my worse Japanese Anime anti-hero unleashed...BUT what I am grateful for is the ability to reconnect, catch up and refurbish relationships of days gone by. What brilliance.

It's a gorgeous detail in my life's journey because it has reopened roads I thought had fallen apart or closed.

So evil, as my friend Drea calls it, or not...I'm an addict.

Happy trails.


Heather said...

ya, facebook is a nifty thing,'s also kinda creepy. The amount of information you can get out of one persons site, you hardly need to ask them what they have been up to. And, it's addicting, so I'll see you on facebook, lol.

Slider said...

Hey Princess, I'm not sure about Facebook. I think that folks who deserve recognition in life can find better ways to achieve it. Like this blog. When you gonna post again? This is a better way for your distant friends to view your inner self.