Friday, February 2, 2007

The Power of Thank You

Two small words in such a big world.

Thank You.

This expression of gratitude can fill the emptiest moment; can turn a failing marraige around; can pick a person up off their feet; can instill a person to want to help a stranger again and again; can instill a friend to want to help a friend; can remind a suicidal person why they should choose life; can fill a grandparents heart with joy; can fill the lives and hearts of those losing a loved one who in their last remaining moment speaks these two small words; &, can make a parent proud that this sentiment was/is delivered, unsolicited, from the heart and tongue of their matter how old that child is.

Sometimes it is difficult to see why we should or could be thankful in our lives.

My experience is that no matter how bad the rain falls, the tides turn and how badly we feel ourselves sinking, with a few thought-through thank you's, we can see even our own situations more clearly.

I like to start with:

Thank You for this breath.

Thank You for having me on this Earth.

Thank You for the gift of my family.

Thank You for the gift of Life.

Thank You for the gift of friends.

Thank You for my community.

And my list grows...

Thank You for what you share with me, each and every moment; each and every day.

Thank You for helping me.

Thank You for the opportunity to help you.

Thank You for the Love you share with me.

Thank You for the Love you allow me to share with you.

Thank You for your wisdom and for sharing it with me.

Thank You for your advice. (Even if I don't take it.)

Thank You for the experience. (Even if I didn't like it.)

Thank You for what I have learned. (Even if it hurt.)

Thank You for the opportunity. (Even if it was difficult.)

I try to say Thank You in as many ways as possible. I try in each and every day to remember my own humility & fragility, and I try to be thankful for the strength that those two gifts bring me.

Thank You for the time to blog.
Thank You for the few that read it.

My life is good with each of you in it.
You are gifts to me and I am grateful for you.

That's it. It's that's simple.

Thank You.

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