Tuesday, December 5, 2006


One of my favourite quotes, of all time, I learned when I was 15 in my Sociology class with Mr. Klazca who had recently suffered a heart-attack, had fortunately lived, had faced death and was going to spend the rest of his life as Hemophilliac...he was also my home-room teacher for the entirety of my high school career at that school. Our class on Sociology, once he returned to school after a significant hiatus, became a class on Death and Dying. He took us to the morgue. We got to see where and how they embalm bodies. He talked about the process of death, and more importantly taught us tender Grade 11 students (I skipped a year or two) about the dignity of dying.

Part of learning about dying is to learn about living.

Part of learning about living is to learn about loving.

Leo Buscaglia is a man who has spent his life teaching the world about love, and hugs and more love. Mr. Klacza told us one day, from the words of Leo B., that "Love is gently leading you back to yourself."

These words have saved me.

They have pulled me out of the deepest recesses of mySelf, helped me to see worthiness in those I've met in my life that are able to receive my love, and me theirs.

These words define the work I wish to accomplish in this lifetime.

When you are loved enough to be gently led back to the Self that you are; the Self that deserves to be happy; the Self that deserves to be treated equitably; the Self that can share life with someone without bitterness and resentment; the Self that can sit quietly, contentedly in the small still silence of any moment; the Self that looks in the mirror and says, "Hey Wonderstuff, how are YOU this fine morning?"; the Self that lives without an inner critic; the Self that doesn't eat too much; the Self that has no need to throw up what life has fed it; the Self that enjoys, really enjoys, that tiny moment between waking and sleeping just before night's slumber where you are completely alone with no-one but you; the Self that drinks from the fountain of opportunity without gluttony; the Self that shares freely; the Self that listens to the cares of others without being sucked into the world of vampyres (those who aren't ready for healing); the Self that can hear clearly the music of life; the Self that touches others with tenderness, vibrance and honesty, you become the Self that loves without fear.

And THAT, is a journey worth taking.


Angel Baby said...

Hey Fo,
These are awesome. Great Job. I love reading your stuff.

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, amazing.
Thank you for your inner work.
You shine.
Your strength and beauty is reflected for us all to keep moving forward and to breathe expansive trust into the moments of stillness.
Much Love.