Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Bra Shopping

Every woman should have a bra that fits well. And preferably with matching knickers.

Most women have absolutely NO IDEA what size they really wear. It is utterly worth taking yourself down to a good lingerie store or a bra-specific shop to get yourself properly fitted.

Take my friend N. - the other week we went out shopping for new undies. What she wanted was her boobies to look like mine (which, quite frankly, I hadn't given much thought to...) She told me they always look full, perky and that I always have amazing cleavage. For the past year and half I've been responding to that with, "it's all in the bra..."

When we left her house and headed south to Urban-central she believed fully that she was a 38 C. No way. She is tiny around the middle and has voluptuous haulage...the kind of haulage that little A/B cups like me dream of. (btw...she didn't believe that's what I am until she saw me measured too...)

We walked into a nice lingerie store and ascertained that she could in fact be measured at this facility. We went to the change room...some measuring tape, a fantastic assistant, a few different bra's later and she emerged from the shop a 36DD...and my goodness...she looked beautiful in her sporty sweat top. She had lift, shape and contour. But MORE importantly, she FELT amazing.

And THAT is what a good bra can do for a woman.

Ok....matching panties...there is nothing nicer than knowing underneath whatever you're wearing, your top and bottom go together, you are complete and if your clothes happen to come are prepared. So N., already feeling amazing, also purchased matching knickers.

I'm really proud of her...she explored new heights for herself that day...a self-confessed Tom-boy, who has at the tender age of 30-something, realized that it's ok to spend a bit of money on your under-side so that you glow on the outer-side.

She looked gorgeous in her new little black dress this past weekend at our fire-fighter's Xmas party, obviously in her new form-enhancing under-secrets. It wasn't the undergarments, per se, but the way that she felt in them...she glowed.

And THAT is how every woman should feel, every second of the day.

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Brad said...

Well naturally I guess I would choose this particular entry to reply. I like this blog Idea and I may even do this myself now that I know someone who does it.
As far as this particular entry goes, I do agree that one should never shop alone. Anytime any of you need to go bra shopping and need an opinion, I am more that willing to assist.